Host Your Own Clash Of Clans Meetup!

Are you hosting a Clash of Clans Meetup for you and your Clan, friends or other Clashers? The Clash of Clans Meetup site allows you to tell us about your Clash Meetup and receive our support in getting the word out. Clashers can also use this site to find upcoming Clash events in your local area or get ideas from past events. Get started by submitting your event today, or head over to Upcoming Events to see what’s happening in your area.

Although we are super excited about unofficial fan meetups, You are solely responsible for everything related to Your Fan Meetup. For more information, see our Fan Content Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all submitted Player Meetups get listed on the Player Meetup Calendar?

Unfortunately not all events will be approved. Once your Meetup is submitted, we’ll review it carefully. We might get back to you with suggestions or questions if your application is not approved. In addition, if you mark your event as private, it will show up on the calendar but the date and venue won’t be visible.

I want to host a private Clash Meetup for my friends or clanmates. Will my event show up on the Meetup Calendar?

If you mark your event as private, it will show up on the Clash of Clans Player Meetup Calendar but date and venue won’t be listed. You can still have an event exclusive to your awesome clan by using the Player Meetup Application and marking your event as private.

What if my event isn’t approved? Can I apply again?

Unfortunately we will not be able to approve all submitted events. If your event gets rejected, we may respond with some questions or suggestions that will help get your event approved. If your first event is not approved, you should feel free to apply again once the necessary changes have been made, but please do not send the same application twice.

What if I have to cancel my event?

If you’re no longer able to host your event, please consider the following in advance of the cancellation:

  • Notify any and all potential guests via your event site
  • Inform your Supercell contact
  • Let your venue know immediately

If I am holding a Clash of Clans Player Meetup, am I required to submit an application?

Submitting your Meetup is not mandatory at all. Putting an approved event on the Player Meetup Calendar is an excellent way to let other Clashers find out about your event.

What’s the difference between a public event, and a private event?

While both events are officially published by Supercell’s Meet Up site:

  • Private events are invite only with Meetup specifics unlisted to other Clashers, while
  • Public Event info is posted for any and all interested Clashers to see

Who is responsible for moderating my event?

You are! While Clash Events are bolstered by Supercell support, applicants ultimately are responsible for event logistics. The size of the meet up, the location, the activities… all are up to you. Our site is a means of keeping Clashers informed, so that players across the globe can find meet ups to attend.

Can I host my event at home?

Nope, we require events to be held at public venues only. Please notify the venue owner well in advance of the event, making all necessary arrangements prior to the Meetup itself.

Where should I host my event?

We recommend selecting a venue that can accommodate not only you and your friends, but also additional members of the community if invited. It’s very important that you notify the venue well in advance, setting up necessary additions (Wi Fi, charging stations, refreshments, activities) to ensure optimal awesomeness!

How else can I let people know about my Clash Player Meetup?

In addition to getting your event on the Player Meetup calendar, we recommend you create a post on our forums and/or an event on Facebook with all the details about your Meetup. This will help you find more Clashers to attend your event. A forum thread / Facebook event will also help you keep everyone posted about practicalities and it’s a way for people to reach out to you if they have questions.­‐Clash-­‐of-­‐Clans

Can I charge an entry fee to cover possible costs (venue, wifi)?

You can charge an entry fee but please keep in mind that it might narrow down the number of attendees.

How can I use this site to organize my own Clash of Clans Player Meetup?

In order to organize a Meetup for yourself and fellow Clashers, you will need to do some planning in advance: choose a title, location, date, time, venue and size for your event. You can also provide a description, cover image and a link to your event page if desired. Once you have done that, use the Clash of Clans Meetup site to tell us about your Player Meetup via the Player Meetup Application form. We’ll review your event and get back to you!

What kind of Player Meetup will be accepted? How about rejected?

Your best bet is to submit at detailed event application well in advance of the scheduled date. Most Player Meetup Applications that follow these tips will be approved. Applications missing key information, happening very soon, or Player Meetups that violate Supercell TOS or the Fan Kit

Agreement will not be approved:­‐of-­‐service­‐content-­‐policy/

I want to attend a Clash of Clans Player Meetup in my city. Where can I find one?

You’ve come to the right place, Chief. Check out our Player Meetup Calendar to find events in your area. Don’t see one in your city or location? Maybe it’s time to organize something yourself!

Are there any age restrictions?

You must be eighteen years or older to apply.

Why do I need an Info Page for my event?

Privacy is a great concern to us, as any discrete information relating to your event will not be held on record. Info pages are necessary however for safety and screening purposes.

Additionally, those who wish to attend need an information site. This will make your event easier to find, follow, and attend!

Who can I contact for more information?

If you’d like to discuss your event, please visit our forums for the chance to communicate with Supercell moderators and other fellow Clashers.

Follow this link for the thread:​

Where can I see a list of accepted Clash of Clans Player Meetups?

Whether you’re looking for an event in your area or want to get some ideas for your very own Clash Player Meetup, head over to “Past Events” to take a look at what’s coming up.

Does hosting an event cost any money?

This is totally at your discretion, Chief.

Can I organize a birthday party as a Clash event?

Birthdays are not considered Meetup material, Chief!

Can I have sponsors for my Clash of Clans Meetup?

Possible sponsors will need an explicit ‘ok’ from Supercell.

Submit A Player Meetup

If you have read our FAQs, have your location, date, and other information ready, then go ahead and submit your Clash of Clans Player Meetup!

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